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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 The foundation is laid!
Banya & Sauna Festival and Exhibition that took place for the first time on September 21-23 was a great success. The foundation is laid and the organizers agree that the event like this should develop and take place annually. So why not to have a new tradition to come each September to Sokolniki and sweat your heart out?

As promised, each day there were bath-steaming and sweating workshops held by the Russian Bath Association, and every visitor could take part in them. Stove-setters show on Saturday became perhaps the most popular part of the program, besom binding workshops caused massive interest of the audience, all visitors were fascinated to learn first-hand the art of bath besom binding. RusPar company threw a true feast for everyone , the guests were offered to try the unique 28-ton Russian bath-on-wheels called Lipovyi Duh (Spirit of Linden), then have some tea boiled in a giant kettle, eat some pilaf cooked in a giant  Zmey Gorynych 100-liter cast-iron cauldron. It was unforgettable! We are waiting for you at the next Bath festival!!

The foundation is laid!

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