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Friday, November 09, 2012 Colour therapy in a sauna
Edwin D. Babbitt was an American doctor who described how different colours affect the human body and invented an apparatus for colour therapy. Later a method was devised that implemented the radiation of the body with the light of particular colour. Each colour has a corresponding opposite colour amplifying the effect of the principal colour.

The equipment installed in saunas is based on the Dinshah Method. An infrared sauna is equipped with a block consisting of an electronic power transformer, four halogen lamps and an operation console. The system has 12 programs: nine principal and three additional. By mixing principal colours it is possible to get the required shades. The equipment is fitted into infrared booths, special chambers designed for colour therapy sessions.

Colour is a light having a particular wavelength perceptible for the human eye. The visible cluster of the spectrum is between the ultraviolet and the infrared radiation. Colour affects physical, mental, and spiritual state of a person.

Orange colour helps restore lung tissue, get rid of bloating, and regulate thyroid function. Yellow colour aids in toxins discharge from the body, as well as in blood cholesterol regulation. Red restores liver cells, and regulates blood composition. Green enforces immune defensive mechanisms. Blue heals cuts and bruises. Violet colour has calming properties. It satiates hunger, raises self-esteem, staves off depression.

Colour therapy in a sauna


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