Bath Festival
A new project on the bathhouse theme to be launched in Sokolniki Park. An interactive bath program to be prepared in the park. Additionally, an international specialized exhibition “Bath. Sauna. Construction and equipment” to be hosted in pavilions of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The project to be organized by Moskau Messe Exhibition Company.

The festival’s purpose is to introduce the Russians and foreign visitors with aspects of construction, production, facilities and services of baths and saunas. The bath industry leaders are invited to participate in the project and present samples of their products at the exhibition in Sokolniki designed to integrate professionals and amateur of baths and saunas from around the world.


2 October: Village Fest. Overview Sokolniki saw the final days of Village Fest, a city festival of countryside culture, uniting a series of famous projects, such as: the Russian Bathhouse Festival, Farmer’s Fair, the World Barbeque Festival, and the Honey Festival.

27 September: Farm and Bathhouse Fans Invading Sokolniki Today Sokolniki has seen the opening of Village Fest, a city festival of countryside culture. Thematic art installations such as Freaky Cows and 3D Letters occupied the front area of the park. The Fountain Square and 4 Luchevoi prosek hosted the Bathhouse Town and the Farmer’s Fair.

26 September: Spanish Cuisine, American Cheese, and Russian Bathhouse in Sokolniki From September 26th to 29th, 2013, Sokolniki Park will be swept by Village Fest, a city festival of countryside culture uniting four projects: the Farmer’s Fair, the Russian Bathhouse Festival, the World Barbeque Festival, and the Honey Festival. The exposition will be available from Thursday whereas the main events are scheduled for the weekend.

24 September: The Big Week of Big Exhibitions This week Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is happy to invite everyone to visit a whole pack of large-scale events: Fancywork Formula, Oriental Formula, Framing Forum, Fazenda, Jewelry Vernisage, and Village Fest.

17 September: The Russian Bathhouse and Sauna From September 26th-29th, 2013, the Russian Bathhouse and Sauna festival will feature, inter alia, master-classes by our partner, Ivan Kupala & Co, LTD.

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