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How to reach us?

On foot

The Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is located in the like-named park, just a 5 minute walk from Sokolniki subway. The way from the park entrance to pavilions of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre takes about 15 minutes, during which you can actually enjoy the  beautiful views of the park.

Entrance to park is free.

By car

If you’re driving a car, follow the 3rd Luchevoy prosek to get inside the park. Entry fee is 200 rubles. The car can be parked in designated parking slots.

Useful information

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is not far from City Centre, so it is easy to get here by subway and on ground transport.


On the right are local taxi's telephone numbers. Call for a car and it will take you to our center, or vice versa — from Sokolniki to anywhere in Moscow.


Also, on the right you can find the underground scheme that is to ease your way to us. Tourists and visitors to appreciate very useful information providing telephone numbers of airports and train stations.
Some hotels are located near Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Look for detailed information about them on the right.


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