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Friday, December 07, 2012 What to bring to a bath
It has been known for many centuries that visiting a bath is not just a matter of personal hygiene but, rather, a complex therapeutic procedure, helping to cure physical and mental ailments and to strengthen one’s health. Properly picked bath and sauna accessories will enhance the positive effect. The most important of them are bath mittens, hat and slippers.

Like many other accessories for bath and sauna, mittens are made of felt, which makes them a great protection from all kinds of minor damage and burns. Wearing such mittens you can safely use bath besoms, take hot vats and tubs.
Bath slippers can be of two types. Some are made of soft felt, and can be worn at home as well. And some slippers are made of harder, sturdier materials. They are worn at public bathhouses.

Bath hat is also made of felt and serves as a protective layer between the head and high temperatures of the steam room. It is a necessity as it protects the vulnerable head from over-heating. Hats can differ in sizes and shapes, depending on tastes and preferences of those who wear them.

Enjoy your visits to bath!

What to bring to a bath

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