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Wednesday, December 12, 2012 What baths were like in Egypt
It were ancient Egyptians who first established the cult of cleanliness of human body. Later this idea was adopted by the Greeks, Romans, and some Oriental nations. First sweating rooms were outfitted in Egypt as long as 6,000 years ago. Maybe this is why this nation was always so clean and healthy. The locals wore clothes made of linen which was always freshly washed; they also actively used incense. Egyptian baths were always accompanied by massage sessions. Baths and steaming rooms played a huge role in the lives of Egyptians and, maybe, it was the reason they were always so fit, energetic and toned. Priests bathed four times a day. They were real experts in plants and aroma oils. Egyptian women successfully designed new cosmetic recipes; they widely used steam masks and aroma baths.

Ancient Egyptian baths were available for everyone. They were placed in basements with many furnaces. Above them were rooms with stone slabs. The rooms had holes in the walls, through which the hot air from the furnaces entered. Egyptian baths also had swimming-pools. Ancient cities had drainage systems that were filled with pool water from the baths drained through holes. Ancient Egyptians were experts in rejuvenating, cleansing and revitalizing procedures. Time spent in a steaming room was considered one of the healthiest activities. It is a historic fact that a serious illness of philosopher Euripides was cured by bathing procedures alone.

What baths were like in Egypt

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