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Friday, December 14, 2012 What to fire a stove with?
The main fuel for a bath stove is firewood; this material generates the heat and an unforgettable banya atmosphere. When choosing firewood, one has to consider its quality and quantity. The logs that are dry and have no odor, rottenness, or mold are of high quality. Otherwise they would make more smoke than heat. And the quantity of firewood depends on the design and size of the bath stove.

The best firewood is oak, birch or lime. If you choose oak, pay attention to the age of the tree. Middle-aged trees give best results. Young oaks smell great but fail to give off great heat. On the other hand, very old trees have weak and soft wood. There will be more ashes than heat and the air will become too heavy.

The steam in the bath is especially light and mild if the stove is fired with birch wood. This heat is not only pleasant but also good for health as it has disinfecting properties. Birch wood is collected in July, then one has to properly dry them and store in good conditions. If everything is correct, the wood will preserve its qualities for a long time, staying fresh and amazingly fragrant. Lime wood can also make the bath steam very strong and scent-laden. Like birch, it also has healing properties. Such heat helps heal wounds and burns, positively affects respiratory system and skin. One can’t say that it burns quickly, but its heat stays strong for long.

Ash and willow wood is not a very good choice, as they create a lot of acidic smoke, and tend to smolder rather than burn to the full. But whatever wood is used, one has to make sure it is preserved and stored properly. Best time to collect firewood is in the midst of an exceptionally hot summer.

What to fire a stove with?

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